Emma Mattresses. Discover the next generation.

Emma® Select are the most advanced Emma mattresses yet. Founded on the belief that great sleep should be simple, it has just three revolutionary sleep technologies and two comfort levels. The result? Six ultra-personalised mattresses to help every kind of sleeper enjoy better sleep. P.S. All the research in the world can't compare to trying out an Emma mattress for yourself in-store.

Find your perfect Emma® Select mattress

Sleep is personal: we’re all different, and our mattresses should be too. Choose from six mattresses: two comfort levels and three sleep technologies. There’s an Emma mattress for everyone.

Next, choose your sleep technology

Emma Smart

Ideal for: People who want extra body support.

HRX foam and AquaGEL deliver continuous pressure relief - even when you change positions.
Ergonomically designed with an open-pored core for dynamic body adaptation.
Stabilises the body during sleep with a supportive active hold.

Emma Helix

Ideal for: People who want a cool sleeping environment or restless sleepers.

Excellent breathability thanks to multiple airflow channels.
Fusion-Helix technology provides maximum support in all sleeping positions.
Continuous ‘infinity’ zoning adapts to your body’s movements for all-night pressure relief.

Emma Diamond

Ideal for: People who want longer, deeper sleep.

Revolutionary core technology with graphite coating to dissipate excess body heat.
Designed to prolong your deep sleep phase for restorative and regenerative rest.
Adaptive core layers for total body support and excellent pressure relief.

Why buy an Emma mattress from Furniture Village?

Fun fact, we’re one of the only places you can try out Emma mattresses in person. Reviews and research are important, but nothing can beat trying out a mattress for yourself. Just come down to your local store and discover what makes Emma mattresses so impressive.

What makes Emma Select mattresses different?

Engineered in Germany by the sleep experts at Emma, Emma Select mattresses mark the next generation in sleep comfort. By using a combination of advanced technology and high-tech materials, Emma achieves personalised comfort for everybody.

Each Emma mattress in the range is designed to alleviate a common sleep problem. From getting too hot to struggling to fall asleep, Emma Select is designed to optimise your sleep throughout the night. The result? Better, deeper sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Which Emma Select mattress is right for you?

Emma know how difficult it can be to find a mattress, which is why they’ve made it easy to find the best Emma mattress for you.

First, choose your sleep technology.

Smart – For those who need a little more support. HRX foam and AquaGEL ensure continuous pressure relief while an open-pored core responds to your body’s movements for a supportive active hold.

Helix – For those who get hot or restless during the night. Multiple airflow channels keep you cool while ‘infinity’ zoning and Fusion-Helix technology provide high-performance support and pressure-relief.

Diamond – For those who need longer, deeper sleep. Revolutionary core technology with a graphite coating which dissipates excess heat.

Next, choose your comfort level.

Firm – Perfect for enhanced body support and a slightly firmer sleeping surface that uses adaptable foam layers and zoning.

Hybrid – A medium feel design with a combination of foam layers, zoning and pocket springs - a great choice for couples due to its zero-motion transfer.

How to create the ultimate sleep environment?

Creating a calming, restful environment in your bedroom is so important for your sleep quality. Pair your Emma mattress with beautiful, 100% cotton bedding and a centrepiece bed frame or divan that makes falling asleep a luxurious experience. And if feeling organised makes you feel relaxed and calm, why not take a look at our well-designed range of spacious wardrobes and chests of drawers so you can get neat and tidy in style?

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